… but it’s not just any beer club. Come along with us on the mission to shift the perception of women and beer. Initial launch is limited to family and friends.

Membership includes a It’s a Beer Club Welcome Package: signature GWB glass, fridge magnet (with QR code that leads to a members-only website) and four pack of Emera Hazy Light IPA at purchase.

After the initial welcome package, you can expect:

– First access to can releases
– Membership parties twice per year
– First access to new beer products/services
– Membership merch

Membership is $60 for one year. Members will have first access to renew their membership before opening to the membership applications to the public.

Before filling out the form below, please purchase your new membership with your bartender.

Or, purchase online here: greenwoodbrews.com/product/beer-club-membership

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