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Greenwood Brewing is happy to say that we’re hosting events. We are currently booking two locations: The Greenwood Beer Garden holding up to 70 people and Greenwood Courtyard holding up to 35 people. Both of our event locations proudly provide a socially distanced space for you to enjoy safely.

Today we have a lot to consider when we’re selecting a space to host an event, Greenwood Brewing is proud to include the following:

Greenwood’s outdoor seating includes tables holding 2-6 people with the Garden holding up to 70 total. We happily provide a designated Greenwood bartender for your entire party, and we offer caterers for your event, or you’re welcome to bring your favorite food and be your own host!

Greenwood Garden also includes its own music for our client’s choosing, has direct access to Greenwood’s restrooms, and hosts the brewery as its backdrop. Greenwood Garden also includes a projector wall and projector (after dark only) with a microphone at a small extra fee. We have extra goodies that you can add to your event (personalized beers, a brewery tour) but let’s chat first and see what it is you need.

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Safely host your socially distanced event with Greenwood Brewing. Packages start at $250. Please inquire at

Greenwood Garden and Greenwood Courtyard can host your Holiday Party or your pup’s Birthday party! To rent the full space, packages start at 2 hours and $250.

We cannot wait to host you and your family and friends for an event! Booking Holiday parties now!


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