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Greenwood Brewing™ offers wholesale opportunities to businesses of all sizes who are looking for tasty brew offerings. Inquiries and FAQs below.



How do I order?

All Greenwood Brewing™ outside sales orders go through our sales representative, Lisa Greenwood. You can reach them by simply filling out the form above and she will get back to you ASAP or you can use her contact information below!

Lisa Greenwood

(563) 542-5723

How do I get my delivery?

Greenwood Brewing™ delivers using Manuel Brothers Transport. The order given to your sales rep goes to Manuel Brothers, and they will safely transport your beer and collect payment upon delivery.

What day can I get delivery?

Greenwood Brewing™ is unique in that we can do next-day delivery as long as orders are placed by 4:00PM. (In congruence with the following schedule.)

Delivery schedule across the state is as follows:
Phoenix-Metro: Tuesday-Friday
Tucson: Tuesday/Thursday
Flagstaff/Sedona: Friday
Prescott Area/Cottonwood/Jerome: Wednesday

Please note – It is assumed that all deliveries can be made between 8:00AM-3:00PM. If this does not apply to you, you must let us know so we can make Manuel Brothers aware.

If we have agreed upon a delivery date, please let us know if you cannot accommodate that date within 24 hours of delivery.

How do I pay?

Manuel Brothers Transport  is required to collect payment upon delivery. They can accept cash and check, but the easiest way is through FinTech Payment Software. You can easily enroll, here.

What size kegs do you carry?

Greenwood Brewing™ makes a variety of Flagship and Experimental beer products. We carry these in both 1/2bbl and 1/6bbl sizes. If you do not see pricing for a specific size on our beer sheet, this means we have sold out of that size in that style. 

Please reach out to your rep if you need a specific size, and allow for a 1-week turnaround on custom requests.

Do you have packaged products?

Greenwood Brewing™ offers four of our delicious beers in 12oz/6pk cans:

Herstory Pale Ale™
Purpose Pilsner™

Emera™ Easy Hazy IPA
Rosemary IPA

What are your order minimums?


½ BBL – 1
⅙ BBL – 2
PKG – 5
KEG + PKG – 1+3

½ BBL – 2
⅙ BBL – 2
PKG – 5
KEG + PKG – 2+3

½ BBL – 2
⅙ BBL – 2
PKG – 5
KEG + PKG – 2+3

Can I get a discount?

We do offer 5% volume discounts with our packaged products; you reach that threshold with an order of 10 cases. You may mix and match styles to hit 10.

I have empty Greenwood Brewing™ kegs, how do I return them? Do you have a deposit?

Greenwood Brewing™ does not require deposits on their kegs in good faith they will be returned to us in a timely manner. If we have not reached out to you about an empty keg, and you need it out of your space, please fill out the form above to let us know. We will pick them up ASAP and get them filled with fresh beer!

How can I try your beer?

Whether you haven’t tried any Greenwood Brewing™ beer, or are looking to sample the new experimental that has caught your eye, we want to make sure you get the opportunity to.

One of our outstanding sales reps can bring samples to your location to do a sampling there, or we welcome you to come to visit the brewery and do a sampling and brewery tour on-site. You can fill out the form above, or reach out to your sales rep individually to schedule.

Can we do an event together?

If you would like to collaborate with Greenwood Brewing™ on an event at your location, please fill out the form above (select “Other” in the dropdown for what you are inquiring about and explain your potential event in the explanation box), or contact your sales rep individually. We would be thrilled to set something up!

If you would like to host an event for your team/clients at our brewery, you can fill out our event request here, and begin working with our fabulous events team!

What are your additional fees?

At Greenwood Brewing™ we understand that mix-ups can happen, but we want to be transparent in any additional fees you may incur.

Late Order Charge: If your order comes in after 4:30PM and you need next-day delivery, you will be subject to an $11.23 late fee if the product is delivered. Not all orders submitted after 4:30PM are guaranteed next-day delivery.

Same-Day Delivery Charge: If you have a same-day order- and we have to pick up product from or deliver product to our warehouse- you could be subject to an $11.23 late fee plus an additional $11.23 flat fee for warehouse services at $0.83/keg.

Attempted Delivery Charge: If we have agreed upon a delivery date, please let us know if you cannot accommodate that date within 24 hours of delivery. If an attempt at delivery is made and cannot be completed by no fault of Greenwood Brewing or Manuel Brothers, you are subject to pay the delivery fees.

Broken/Damaged Product: If you have received a keg or packaged product that is damaged, it will be picked up and you will receive a credit or replacement at no additional charge.

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Fill out the form above or contact your sales rep:

Lisa Greenwood

(563) 542-5723


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