The year Greenwood Brewing™ was founded and when we began to contract brew with a local brewery in order to get our beer into the hands of our consumers.


Number of people who visit Downtown Phoenix each year, we can’t wait to serve you!


The year Greenwood Brewing™ received our Microbrewers license and started hosting an onsite pop-up Taproom with our four flagship beers on-tap for purchase in the future courtyard of Greenwood Brewery.


Greenwood Brewing™ is a woman-owned brewing company where we believe in the power of the purposeful pint. In an industry largely dominated by men, women sometimes feel intimidated or underrepresented in the craft beer scene. And while our Greenwood Brewing™ handcrafted ales are for everyone to enjoy, our goal is to create approachable craft beer to allow women to feel welcome in this industry. Because we believe that beer isn’t just tasty, but it is an avenue for powerful conversations and positive changes that often begin over a cold one with a friend. We want that friend to be both men and women.

Greenwood Brewing™

Today, Greenwood Brewing™ is located at 922 N 5th St. Phoenix, AZ 85004. The location houses a 10BBL brewery with 100BBL capacity and a taproom with two beer gardens. Check out our events page to reserve a beer garden for your next event, or join us in the taproom any day of the week to enjoy a tasty brew with us. We cannot wait to see you.

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday: 11AM – 11PM

Friday and Saturday: 11AM – 12:30AM

Sunday: 11AM – 10PM

Taproom, Brewery &    Beer Garden


of the

Woman Owned Brewery

“I started Greenwood Brewing™ because I love making tasty beer but what I love even more is creating a product that provides an avenue for new and powerful conversation. I believe people need to encourage each other and share with each other in order to create change in their lives, and craft beer can be a vehicle for culture shift. Why? Because beer promotes social experiences and social experiences promote conversation. The right conversation can promote change – and that’s the ultimate goal.

Welcome to Greenwood Brewing™, we promise to show you an experience to remember.”

– Megan Greenwood, Founder


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