This collective is made up of a select group of individuals who are strong, empowered and crushing it. Welcome!

Enter your info below to receive a $20 credit (reoccurring based on participation) from Greenwood Brewing. Can’t wait to host you in our taproom soon.

*This credit is only valid for the months of October/November (2022) and can only be used in one visit. If the $20 is not reached during your visit, you will not be refunded the remaining amount. Credit purchases will be limited to one tab. 

Plan your visit

Now that you’ve received your credit, it’s time to pick a date to swing by!
After you’ve put us on your calendar, please see our quick notes on your visit below.


It is our expectation that whenever you do visit our taproom or whenever you speak of Greenwood Brewing it’s in a positive light.


When you visit the taproom, please take time to post about what you’ve tasted and/or your experience and tag us (@greenwoodbrewing).

This can be stories, in-feed and/or reels — whatever you feel comfortable with! We will re-post + praise you to our 13k+ followers, a win-win in the social media world!

Event promotion

Keep an eye out for our events posted on our Insta and repost to your following whenever possible.

Our followers

Our followers are made up of womxn in business, craft beer enthusiasts and Greater Phoenix Area/Arizona businesses and media.

Thank you for teaming up!

We are so appreciative of your time, attention and effort. We want to collaborate and co-create this experience with you!

Thoughts on our offerings and programs will be more than welcomed.

If there’s anything else we can do to help you have the best experience yet, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our program coordinator,

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