Herstory Pale Ale (5.5% ABV, 35 IBU)
American Style, Crisp, easy drinking session pale ale hopped with Mosaic, Falconers Flight and Warrior

Purpose Pilsner (5.5% ABC, 38 IBU)
It’s fresh through and through! Saaz hops with an IBU aftertaste.

Sol Oatmeal Stout (6% ABV, 30 IBU)
Light mouthfeel with subtle coffee notes. Sweet malty aroma. Hint of nutty oatmeal. Low to Medium hop bitterness and flavor.

Warrior Hazy IPA (6.5 ABV, 30 IBU)
This dank, juicy IPA packs a punch with a light haze. Dry hopped with Azacca & Citra.

Luna Amber Ale (5.4% ABV, 30 IBU)
A full-bodied, roasty toasty brew with notes of caramel as you drink, finished with a slight sweetness. Dry hopped with Cascade and Eukanot.

Emera Light Hazy IPA (3.6% ABV, 20 IBU)
Like sippin’ on summertime! This low-cal brew is a little bit hoppy, a lot of bit light and finishes with tropical fruit notes.

Essence Rosemary IPA (7.2% ABV, 56 IBU)
Infused with fresh rosemary sprigs during the second dry-hopping process, this malty-American style IPA is earthy, grassy and crisp.

First Love Belgian Tripel (9.3%  ABV, 31 IBU)
Announcing our “First Love” Belgian Tripel! This is the first beer we ever, EVER made. Her inspiration came from Megan Greenwoods first brew kit, creating the magic that is Greenwood Brewing today! For the true Belgian lovers, she’s brewed with Fermentis-Safbrew-Abbaye Yeast BE-256.

Harvest Diem Spiced Ale (5.5% ABV, 37 IBU)
Do you miss the seasons? We do too. With notes of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger, this will have to do. She’s served with a honey and cinnamon sugar rim (trust us) and is a must-sample in our taproom.

Nightfall Milk Stout (5% ABV, 20 IBU)
Smooth and milky with a bit of a sweet finish.

Blueberry Wheat (5.5% ABV, 18 IBU)
Crisp, tart, and light, this fruity brew is packed with fresh blueberry flavor that tastes like it was fresh-picked just for you. She’s sweet, not too hoppy, and beautifully balanced for almost anyone’s enjoyment

Pink Boots IPL (5% ABV)
Grassy, herbal and floral notes. Made with a Pink Boots Society blend of American noble hops. This classic, crisp India Pale Lager is the perfect way to kick your summer off.

Queen of Tarts Gose (4.2.% ABV)
Greenwood’s first ever sour, with a newly released souring-yeast, and dry-hopped with organic Apricot. The flavor profile is apricot, peaches and dried fruit, with a tart, tart, tart finish.

Kiwi Queen Gose (4.2.% ABV)
Kiwi, Citrus, Tart! Our summer sour features flavors of kiwi, citrus fruits, and packs a tart and tangy punch. It is approachable to the novice sour consumer and will satisfy the most seasoned sour palate! Brewed with organic kiwi puree.


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