Megan Greenwood

Founder, Greenwood Brewing

I started Greenwood Brewing because (of course) I LOVE making tasty beer, but what I love even more is creating a product that provides an avenue for new and powerful conversation. I believe women need to encourage each other and share with each other in order to create change in their lives, and craft beer can be a vehicle for culture shift. Why? Because craft beer promotes social experiences and social experiences promote conversation. The right conversation can promote change – and that’s the ultimate goal.

Welcome to Greenwood Brewing. Let’s share something great together over the latest batch of brews. We promise it’ll be an experience to remember.

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Kirsten Sogaard


There are so many different levels of drinking beer that I love… I think a big turning point for me was seeing beer as sacred in one way, but then again just a good buddy when you need to feel relaxed in this moment.

Beer can change people’s perspective of each other and it can really open people up. Maybe in a way that nothing else can. And it’s not about rosy cheeks and it’s not about getting a little bit tipsy, but it’s about gathering people and sitting down for one purpose, and that’s beer. But in turn it can bring about much more than that.

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LaCenia Driscoll


I have always been a sucker for beautifully handcrafted cocktails and an elegant glass of wine.  I consider myself to have true appreciation for both spirits and wine; however, I never found the same amusement with beer…until recently.

I started out drinking approachable hefeweizens that were light and fruity and slowly graduated to IPAs and stouts.  Currently, my husband and I enjoy visiting breweries and ordering flights, so we can compare beers in various categories.  We are also new parents and I’ve heard stouts and porters help with milk production, so I consider myself WINNING!

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Courtney Marks


I wanted to feel like I was using the power of photography for good, because it is the skill that I have and I want to give back.

Her creative juices started flowing after completing a boudoir photo shoot herself. She felt like some women, herself included, thought that boudoir was unattainable and something in which women had trouble identifying. “I thought of myself more as a ‘cute’ girl.” But after her shoot she realized that the session was to empower her and make her feel confident and beautiful inside and out, and she wanted to do that for other people.

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Ana Rose


Ana’s story coming soon!

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