We’re finalists! Samuel Adams Mentorship Program

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Greenwood Brewing is one of six finalists from across the country, and the only brewery representing Arizona, chosen for the Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream — a mentorship program inspired by Jim Koch, founder of Samuel Adams.

The first step is to travel to New York City for the Samuel Adams Crafting Dreams Beer Bash 2023 on Friday, June 23rd. Owner and Founder Megan Greenwood alongside Head Brewer Kristin Luparello will represent Greenwood Brewing and Arizona at the event. During the event, Megan and Kristin will pitch Greenwood Brewing’s story to judges as they come to our booth for samples in hopes of earning their vote to win Samual Adams Brewing the American Dream.

Other finalists include TALEA Beer Co. from Brooklyn, NY, Azadi Brewing from Chicago, Il., Funkytown Brewery from Chicago, Il., Otium Brewing from Miles City, MT. and Three 3’s Brewing Co. from Hammonton, NJ. 

What happens if we win 🤞🤞🤞

Winning Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream would mean mentorship from longstanding and iconic Samuel Adams, and the opportunity to work side by side with a team of experts and collaborate on a specialty beer with Samuel Adams (day dreaming of what this beer could possibly be right now!). It would also mean access to capital and business resources. The annual program is inspired by Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams Brewing the American Dream, continuing to fuel the same passion for craft beer that first ignited the craft beer revolution over 35 years ago.

“When I first started Greenwood, Jim Koch’s book was the first beer book that I read. I followed his model of contract brewing to start my business as distribution-only in 2017. I’ve always seen Jim as a mentor, even though indirectly through podcasts and interviews. The fact that we could be connected with Jim and the Boston Beer Co team would be a dream come true.”  — Megan Greenwood, Owner and Founder, Greenwood Brewing

Send all the good vibes, hugs, prayers, and good luck to our team representing Greenwood Brewing and Arizona in the upcoming weeks! We feel so lucky to be a finalist, but we are wanting to win! 

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